About Us

Selling Everything for a Turtle Shell with Wheels

David and Sharon

Hi.  We’re David and Sharon Rasmussen.   We’re a young at heart couple with a taste for the crazy. We’re from the hills of Tennessee, though when we say “from”, we just mean that it’s the place most fondest in our hearts and it is where we have lived the longest. Today we are perpetual roamers that rarely live in one place more than two weeks. We’ve been in love for over a quarter of a century and have developed a taste for discovering something new. This unhinged wind lifted our sail once again in 2014 at the age of 49 and 50 and propelled us into a flipped-out ride of selling everything we loved and owned and exchanging it all for a little turtle shell with wheels that we could tug around America.

Can we really manifest our own destiny?   I’m not sure, but it worked on our last huge adventure when we said we could restore an 1899 farmhouse ourselves, when neither of us had any clue what an Estwing hammer was.  We said we owned a bed and breakfast when really all we had when we opened our doors for the first time was just an old house at the end of a country road.  We loved it and did that for 18 years…..

Hmmm… So what’s next?    Who do we want to be?  What do we want to do?  Where do we want to go?

So let’s see…. we are photographers and writers that meander along the side roads of small town America searching for hidden stories, surprise gems and tasty recipes.   We discover mountain peaks, float down lazy rivers and swim with manatees.  Oh… and we compose music and write songs about the tales, characters and places we’ve seen.    Oh oh…. We also give back everywhere we go and volunteer in homeless and animal shelters and in towns after natural disasters.   Yes, I’m liking this!  We also strike it rich one day by hitting the powerball!!  Can’t stop now…..  We bury $100 bills in geocaches in National Parks and put hints to its location in articles we write for National Geographic.   We give it all away again.   We grow old gracefully and when the road finally comes to the end,  we hold hands and do the “Thelma and Louise” and ride off into the sunset, over the edge and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a big ol’ smile.   or ……

We travel the country working for the circus as clowns.   We give big hugs and laughs away at assisted living and homes for the elderly.  We discover the cure for the common cold is the cactus plant that our camper tires rolled over.  We live in the dessert for several years bottling our cactus cold cure and sell the recipe for billions.   We give the profits away to charities and the homeless making Bill Gates look bad and so he matches our philanthropy 2 to 1 and the world becomes even brighter.   We learn Spanish.  We move to Costa Rica and start a little B&B in the rain forest.  We grow old very slowly eating mangoes and papayas and one day we drift off to an endless sleep while snuggled in a hammock together.    or……  🙂

This website and the tales we share here have blossomed from a new years resolution.  It’s a way for us to make a road map of sorts with the pictures and places this journey takes us.  It’s not a typical travel blog where we tell everything we see and do and review every place we stay or eat.  It’s more like a quilt or a tapestry that we hope to fill will a collection of stories, some music, pictures and hopefully it will grow into something worthy of your smile, a good belly laugh and your precious time.   We’d love for you to tag along,  jump in the creek with us from time to time, sing along and let’s see where this little buggy goes.