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14 Responses

  1. That’s so nice. I love that.

  2. Sherry says:

    You two just make friends wherever you go. Good for you to assume they would welcome you as they did. Flying down a hill on a bike always makes me nervous. I’m such a chicken. Even on the creeper trail I was probably the slowest one going down. Great post Sharon. We sure are going to miss having you here. Safe travels!

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      Thanks Sherry! We loved riding down the mountain but I totally get where you could be a “chicken” about flying down, down, down. 🙂 We will miss the two of you too but we’ll cherish our time that we’ve had here together in the finger lakes. See you in Florida!

  3. Love the random meetings that ultimately seem to have more than one purpose!! Trail sounds fun…well, except for the cold part! MITTENS!!

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      Our sweet Nancy sent me a care package with mittens after reading my post about losing mine. However, I didn’t think to take them with me. I should always be prepared to be cold. ha ha

  4. Sharon we loved this post. Couldn’t agree more that if we open ourselves up, what we need will present itself. Just have to pay attention and accept it. Too bad a certain package hadn’t arrived before your bike ride;-))

    I believe we sat on that same boulder eating snacks and watching the same waterfalls…it was so beautiful:o)) We did the entire trail to Abingdon and you definitely did the best part of the trail!! Keep having fun and know we are traveling through your adventures right now:o))

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if we were indeed in the exact same place as you and Bill. One day, we’ll all bike it together.

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Although it has an ominous name, the trail sounds absolutely beautiful. What a great encounter with Chet and Amber. It is moments like that that really bring everything into perspective and restore your faith in humanity.

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      Thanks Jim and Barb. It is a beautiful trail. It was named after the train that had been dubbed “The Virginia Creeper” as it had to slowly creep it’s way up the mountain. There is also a lot of Virginia creeper vine in the area that turns a beautiful red color in Autumn making the ride in the Fall spectacular. 🙂

  6. Lynnie/Mom/Mom-in-law :) says:

    My sweet and loving children, this vicarious summer of your life that I have been blessed through you has filled my heart with the wonder, joy, love, freedom, excitement, peace and calm that you are sharing. I feel prosperous in your writings and pictures as if I were actually there with you. My gratitude has no words but the expression of love we share. . . So where are we going to next to bask in this wonder.

  7. Jane Floyd says:

    Oh, my goodness, you were SO close to us. We live 15 miles south of Damascus. I am so glad that you enjoyed the Creeper. We love it, too.

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      Next time Jane. Perhaps you and Jim can join us on a bike ride down the mountain. We would love to do it again.

  1. September 18, 2016

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