Below The Surface – Arizona Canyons

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  1. Bob Young says:

    I recently found this blog and have read thru all of the posts. What a wonderful story. Obviously there has not been another post since October, 2018.
    Hope everything is well.
    Does anyone know why the sudden disappearance.
    Bob Y

    • Thank you Bob for jumping in the creek with us. All is well. We are still rolling, in love and traveling… but needed a season or two to take care of family and focus on the center of the circle. Plenty to share, lots to write and sing about…. coming soonish.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Antelope Canyon has been one of our favorite and most beautiful places that we have visited and I too was one of those with a camera stuck to my face trying to capture its beauty. My goal was to try and capture the beauty I saw in others photos. Of the hundreds of photo I think there were 20 that really did it justice.

    Hiking the Grand Canyon is on our bucket list. We cannot decide if we should hike it or take a mule ride. We were trying to find a service that allowed us to hike down and take a mule ride back up but so far we have yet to find anyone who offers a one way mule ride.

    Loved your post and eagerly read them as soon as I see them on our sidebar!

    • Jim it was your amazing pictures and blog that put Lone Rock and Antelope Canyon on the radar for us 🙂 When I was a kid my family visited the Grand Canyon and we took the mules down and back up. There were sections where the mules belly was wider than the trail and though my Pop, sister and I loved the adventure, my Mom is still scared from the experience. I think her mule was a bit suicidal though.

  3. Denise Craigen says:

    We’ve been to both of these amazing places this year. Knock your socks off beauty and different views from every vantage point and at different times of the day. Such an amazing world we live in!

  4. POWERFUL POST!!! Too often we just don’t stop to get beneath the surface. Get a picture and move on. Life is a journey, but we need to learn to stop and look beneath the surface…the detail is in the wrinkles;o)) We both agree that The Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s TODO list. We were speechless the first time we saw it and can’t wait to look into its wrinkles again next year;-))

    • Bill and Nancy even though you both continue to look, act and love like you are teenagers, how we long to be around your wrinkles and the moments when we get to sit and hang our feet over a canyon next to both of you.

  5. Ru says:

    Dave and Sharon
    I love your blogs…I feel that I am right with you every step of the way. I hope one day to be in your shoes and see and feel the Canyon first hand. Until then, please keep sharing your wonderful adventures with us….

  6. Ingrid says:

    Slot canyons are amazing and boggle my mind. When we were in Page this past April, we were able to hike Waterhole Canyon without a guide and thus were able to take our time … time with the camera and time without the camera. We come across the most interesting people via our RV life and have enjoyed similar situations with other campers. We love boondocking south of the Grand Canyon! Great post and great info toward the end.

  7. DebbieM says:

    What special places and people you’ve met. No doubt those Europeans will go home with special memories of you as well. We love hearing stories of those who’ve lived longer also.

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