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  1. Greg D says:

    Fine writing, (again) my friends and unusual but fabulous pic of DR making contact with the hummingbird, just killer photo. We just got back from a 4 day jaunt to Devils Step on Tim’s Ford. Had a couple of great storms but the kindly timed themselves so as not to interfere with our swimming, cooking and campfires. Another great weekend outside. Hope we get to share a campfire together sometime, till then happy trails.

    • Sounds like a grand adventure on Tim’s Ford Greg. Yes!!! let’s share a campfire this fall. We’ll be back thru the TN hills the end of October for a couple weeks.

  2. Barbara says:

    What a great story! Miss you guys! Keep it up!

    • We miss you Barbara and Tim too. Thanks for jumping in the creek with us and floating along. I think perhaps it was your sense of adventure, the redefinition of yourselves and finding new paths in life, that lit a spark in us many years back to the thought that metamorphosis and change should happen in order to keep growing.

  3. Sherry says:

    What wonderful memories you have. I lived in the city so nothing like that for me until I could finally ESCAPE! We loved Rocky Mountain National Park as well. Couldn’t get enough. Kissing a hummingbird – now that’s down right AMAZING. I can’t even get them to stop “humming” long enough for a picture.

    • Thankfully you did escape from the city Sherry! Your adventures in nature over the last years continue to give us direction too. Yea… I do feel special “to kiss a hummingbird”. We started naming them, but after awhile each one became “mean Bob” or “sweet sue” and any that landed and would share the holes on the feeder with their mates…. well they were affectionately known as “Hum Meeeee” 🙂

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Your tale brought me back to my childhood scampering through the woods and grasses in search of adventures. So glad that we gat to live them again 30 something years later after “W” is all done!

  5. Ingrid says:

    Love Colorado and we were fortunate to call it home for more than twenty years. Great image of you with the hummingbirds.

    • Thank you Ingrid. The hummies get quite crazy towards the end of the summer in the states as they prepare for their fall migration. Back in our “sticks and bricks” life our feeders would go from 10-15 hummies to well over 100 in late September each year in TN. During this time when the migratory clan came thru and our initial family was still around, they were so crazy that we could pull the feeders and get them to come and land on Sharon’s hand, shoulder, and brim of hat so they could try to sip from anything red we had in her palm. Was crazy awesomeness!!!!

  6. Cinn says:

    David! I looove this story!! Thank you for taking the precious time to write and share it!

    I can so relate, because I’ve had a “leprechaun siting” at the same lighthouse two summers in a row now, I’ll share when my blog goes live in a couple of weeks…

    Hi to Sharon, and hope to see you at another RV-Dreams rally someday!

  7. Candace says:

    Of all the RVer blogs I follow, I jump to read yours first the minute I see the notification in my email. Your gift with words and visuals is a treasure to behold <3 Thank you!

  8. How sweet… Such a wonderful story and now you get to live your childhood dream:o)) You are where you were meant to be! Only you could kiss a hummingbird!!! Enjoy this wonderful time in you life…it really is all about the JOURNEY!!!

    • The JOURNEY is truly the road Bill and Nancy! I get lost sometimes thinking that it’s the planning, the due diligence of crafting the day/week/month/next years campground reservations, the goals I set internally and externally….. but the moment you can wake up, step outside your home, put down your cup of coffee and pick up a swarming hummingbird feeder and spend five minutes kissing one of these amazing, fluttering, creations, well it slows me down and reminds me that some of the best parts of the “journey” are unscripted, unplanned, and just happen. Kinda like our amazing friendship with the two of you!

  9. connie swinehart says:

    We love your stories and the pictures. We drink out of our BUTTERFLY HOLLOW coffee cups most mornings. We pray our paths will cross again some day. Love and hugs.

    • Thank you Connie. We have two “official BH” coffee cups left too and start most days with a warm sip of brew and a trip down a lane filled with with so many wonderful memories. Thanks for following along and YES…. may our paths cross again soon.

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