Weddings, Butterflies and…Hair Ties???!!

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6 Responses

  1. Laurel says:

    Love the photo of you two at the covered bridge. 🙂 Now that you mention it, we seem to find a lot of hair ties, too. I pick them up because I’m afraid birds might eat them, thinking they’re worms!

  2. Sherry Boyd says:

    What a sweet post Sharon. You two are so lucky to have the freedom to just wander as life leads you with no restrictions. We sure envy you that. At our farm I was a quilter like my grandmother and great aunt before me. It’s a wonderful craft. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to call something machine stitched a quilt. For me it has to be done by hand. Absolutely love covered bridges they just remind me of an earlier slower time. We sought them out whenever we could. Thanks for showing us Madison County.

  3. Oh my goodness…we are going to start looking for black ponytail holders! And you’ll never guess what we did in New England two days ago….we walked across a covered bridge. :))). Hadn’t done that in ages, Sharon.

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      Jim and Diana, you’ll be surprised at how many you will find. Gotta love those covered bridges. Looks like you guys are having a grand time in Acadia. I’ve loved reading about it!

  4. WOW….What an Amazing Post!!! Funny how life leads you where you are meant to be if you will just listen and follow its directions;o)).
    All the photos are wonderful, but the first one takes your breath away…hope you got to share it with the Happy Couple!!
    Sharon…you really do resemble Meryl:o))
    Everytime we find hair-bands on the ground, we think of them as SMILES which you left for us to find:o))
    Continue to enjoy the journey and go where your heart leads you!!!

    • Sharon Rasmussen says:

      I love the idea that we’ve left you smiles to find. You are right though, if we’d just listen and stay tuned in to the signs, we’ll go where we are meant to go. It’s funny how many hair ties we find and I know that you guys find them also. Glad you are having fun exploring NC this summer.

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