Georgia Gems – State parks as perfect as a peach

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  1. Lois Catanzaro says:

    Love you guys!! You do make me envious and wish I could be 40 again and be able to travel like you are doing. Love all the stories and pictures and can travel on the bumper of the buggy with you that way. Pray for you daily for the safety and blessings of our Lord Jesus. Keep well and traveling and be a blessing to all you meet!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Makes me nostalgic for our Georgia Mountain retreat….N. Georgia will always hold a soecial place in our ❤️❤️❤️🎈

  3. David says:

    Your flow of words are as eloquent as the river runs. Your descriptions always make me feel like I’m right along side of you. Thank you for sharing and taking us with you. Safe travels and love y’all forever. Miss you both and can’t wait until the next time.

  4. Pam (and Red too) says:

    Georgia has been on my “bucket list”, and you helped to move it up on the list. Can’t wait!

  5. Nancy and Bill says:

    OH MY…you have convinced us that it is time to spend some time in the Georgia State Parks. Your words and photos are wonderful. Absolutely love the photo of the visitor center in the middle of the dogwoods at Indian Springs…AMAZING!! Georgia seems to treat the campers well, but they are missing one opportunity to take it to the next level. They need to pay you to photograph and write about their parks…you sure made us want to visit:o)) Great post and thanks for all the info.

    Safe Travels and can’t wait to read about the RALLY!!!!

    • You are more than welcome Nancy and Bill. Georgia seems to do their state parks right. Their rates are a little higher than some, but this is outweighed to us by many other little things. I’ll let ya know if they hire us for more words and photos 🙂

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