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  1. Sherry Boyd says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. In these dark days of fear and division it is wonderful to look back to such great programs from our past. The CCC is a program we could surely use today. The parks they gave us are a memorial to the men who built them and those who gave them that opportunity. They enrich us all and will far into the future I hope. Really lovely post.

  2. Laurel says:

    Such relevant and heartfelt questions you ask. I often wonder the same—what will it take for us to all start working together for the common good? The legacy of the CCC is remarkable. I can’t tell you how many times Eric and I have given thanks to the CCC for creating the trails that we use in so many of the state and national parks we visit. Lovely to hear your song.

    • Thank you kind and warm words Laurel and Eric! We are so lucky and it feels so good knowing that almost all of our fellow RV travelers are part of that group that are working together for the common good.

  3. Cinn says:

    Love this post, David & Sharon! Gives me hope!

  4. Jim Morrison says:

    Thanks my son. Really enjoyed this

  5. Bill and Nancy says:

    Thoughtful and thought provoking post…it is time for us to think outside the box and create a “New Day!!”

  6. Gene Newhall says:

    Nice to see someone writing about the CCC Boys. My Dad was a CCC Boy in MA during the 30s. It’s amazingly what they accomplished. Over 3 million boys in 4,500 camps all over the country. They built 800 state parks, 46, 854 bridges, planted an estimated 3 billion trees and built 3,470 fire towers to mention a few. Thanks for writing this.

  7. F.D.R. definitely thought outside the box, David. He always was held in high esteem with me, as my grandfather thought he was our greatest president. Gramps still had his portrait on his fireplace mantle when he passed in 1975. I kept it as one of the things to remind me of my grandpa.

    Another example of ‘outside the box’ is Habitat for Humanity. We visited their Global Village in Americus, Georgia on our way south this past year. Definitely check it out if you are near there.


  8. Jim and Barb says:

    I think it is just amazing what FDR did as president, much of which still lives on today. And to think about what tools and equipment they had to work with back then! Could not agree with you more about the softening of America and the lack of work ethic with people wanting hand outs rather than working for it. Great post!

    • Thank you Jim & Barb. I wonder if our young generation today would be strong enough to work that hard… and then able to give back more than half of what they earn. Perhaps if it was data instead of money 🙂 hmmmm?….

  9. DebbieM says:

    Gosh I love you guys! Such wonderful writing and singing! We also love the CCC parks and have always marveled at them and those that contributed to them. I’m glad that most carry on and I’m sad to see that parts of some of them are just not used anymore and are fading away. Beautifully put sentiments on this world of ours. I too, wonder.

    • We love y’all too Debbie & Steve! I think that many of the CCC parks should be classified as historical and thoughtfully preserved and improved. They tell a great story about the past but also hold the carrot that keeps so many of us wandering off the beaten path.

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